DeFiPreneur Project

First NFT Community Project with an App for Entrepreneurs.

5,555 Unique NFTs

Ranked by level of rarity. Created with hundreds of Unique Traits


Our vision is to create a community where entrepeneurs can share insights, make life long connections, learn from the best in their fields and support each other and have fun in the process!


Phase 1


  • Create Site and Roadmap
  • Setup Membership Area for Accessing Video/Audio Content
  • Setup Mentor Booth App Lifetime Access portal for NFT owners
  • Discord Community implementation
  • Prelist and Whitelist registration

Phase 2


  • Collaborate with scalable projects
  • Social Media posts
  • Clubhouse Rooms (AMA)
  • Instagram posts/ Stories
  • Twitter spaces room
  • Giveaways for community on Social Media (Gift cards, Domains, NFT’s)
  • Influencer outreach

Phase 3


  • Helping new users onboard
  • Community building via Discord
  • AMA style conversations regarding the project and its utilities

Phase 4


  • Philanthropic projects for communities
  • Inspire and support charities in 2022
  • 5 Artists will receive $1,000 gift cards to support them in Web 3.0 development

Phase 5


  • 5 Lucky holders will get $1500 for airfare and lodging for our first in person event.
  • Current holders will get first access to any future NFT collections we will have.
  • Exclusive Merchandise for community members

Phase 6

Press Publications and Content Creation

  • Current press releases to keep you up-to-date with the project
  • News articles to get the word out regarding our amazing utilities
  • Inviting thought leaders for our bi-weekly zoom masterminds

Phase 7

Promotional and Tutorial videos for Mentor Booth App

  • Video creations on how to use the App
  • View new content from published authors via the App

Phase 8

Online Events and Local Event Announcement

  • Announcement of our first physical event location.
  • Location suggestions (LA, NY, Dallas, Chicago)
  • Event coordination for Guest Speakers and Mastermind event
  • Networking session for all NFT holders
  • Announcement of our plans for collaboration with a Metaverse platform for our community.

Our NFT Utilities


In Person events – Potential location LA, Vegas, Dallas, NY, Chicago

Online events for community activities

Mastermind groups - Bi-Weekly MeetUp

Our Eco-system is made up of Amazing Businessmen and Businesswomen from all types of industries.

Access to 100+ Instructors/Coaches/Thought Leaders/ Business Mentors.

MasterMind Topics To be Covered

Lifetime Access to our Upcoming Book Summary App Called Mentor Booth

  • Anticipated release date on Android and iOS is April 30th 2022
  • Top 1000 Self-help books will be coming into the App in the next 24-48 months
  • Enjoy over 50 existing books in short text and Audio format.

Project Advisors

We made sure to have competent advisors from the NFT world, since we see their values and utilities in the digital world and we aim to provide real word utilities for our community!

Featured Coaches & Speakers

Dr. Atousa Mahdavi

See Profile

Shelby St. Clair Geluz

See Profile

Natalie Schlute

See Profile

Kassandra Kuehl

See Profile

Dr. Chris Zaine

See Profile

Roger Burnley

See Profile

Project Contract and Wallets


Project Contract and Wallets :


Charity Donations Wallet:


Project Contract and Wallets :


Charity Donations Wallet:


Development Team Wallet:


RoadMap Extra Fund Wallet:


Development Team Wallet:


RoadMap Extra Fund Wallet:



How many NFTs will be available?

There will be 5,555 unique NFTs in the Collection. The mint price is 0.055 eth

What blockchain are they minted on?

Ethereum based project minted with ERC-721 tokens.

Are Commercial Rights given to each owner?

Yes. They are free for you to use under a non-exclusive license. We do own and protect the logos and trademarks for our project and ask that you ask permission before using these. We also reserve the rights to use all pieces in our personal marketing and promotion.

When is the RoadMap launching?

RoadMap has been released on our website and Discord Channel and will be updated as needed.

Who is the artist behind the project?

We have a few and they are listed under our team members

Are there pieces held back?

We are holding back 555 of our collection for various use cases such as Giveaways, Charity donations, Celebrity giveaways, Influencers, Coaches, Speakers, Authors that are working with our team.

How can I learn more about NFT’s 

We are building, and putting together a knowledge base area for our project to help and educate our community. Let us know if you know any suggestions on how we can make it better. 

Artist and Creators

We are always looking to collaborate with others, reach out to us and let's chat. 

Our NFTs are on Ethereum blockchain as a ERC721 Token in combination with files being hosted on an interplanetary file system (IPFS).