Shelby St. Clair Geluz

Shelby St.clair-Geluz has spent the last 10 years growing businesses from the ground up, building teams and becoming a multiple six figure earner before launching her coaching business. The Boss Lady agency launched in 2017 with one big vision goal in mind: freedom. Shelby wanted to create a business that changed lives and allowed her to enjoy life with the freedom to do what she wanted where and when she wanted to. She now helps other female soulpreneurs step into their power and create the business and life of their dreams.

Combining her natural skill set with some seriously purpose-driven inspiration, she’s now built a six figure business by helping women build strong foundations in their businesses, implement systems and strategies that work, attract their soul clients and grow their profits while working on creating a success mindset.

Shelby uses her journey of life to inspire others to be all they are meant to be not only through her coaching at Boss Lady Agency but also through her podcast Behind The Boss Lady and speaking at transformational events.