Kassandra Kuehl

Clinical Hypnotherapist | ADHD Flow Consultant | Energetic Practitioner | Speaker

Kassandra empowers women to lead boldly and burn brightly, without burning out. She helps driven, but highly distracted women close the gap between who they present to the world and who they truly are.

She’s taking a stand for women to no longer sacrifice physical and mental health on the altar of unhealed past trauma from unconscious programming from centralized top-down control, self shame from having ADHD, or being guru’ed in the ” hustle and grind” culture… trying to be seen and paid for their worth.

Through her Life in Bloom signature process, she brings women to their point of origin so they go from trance to transcendence through a ground-breaking, quantum energy and brain re-wiring model that biologically slows aging and promotes wellbeing.

Her Life in Bloom Community Guild supports Web 3 5.0 Entrepreneurs in decentralized transformative times, cultivating a deep sense of peace, clarity, focus, and love is crucial to our mental and emotional health and well-being.