Natalie Schlute

Natalie turns her life around 180 degrees and manifested her soulmate husband, found her life’s purpose which lead to creating a thriving coaching business, and experiencing abundance in her health and finances. Natalie became an expert in the law of attraction, intuitive development, got certified as a life coach, certified NLP coach, certified hypnotherapist, and Reiki healer.

Natalie Schlute is an intuitive life coach and law of attraction expert. She helps women manifest the life of their dreams by following their intuition and reframing their limiting beliefs. In her younger years, she felt like a victim, and life was happening to her. She unconsciously lived life by dwelling on past traumas and focusing her own lack of worth. By the age of 19, she was extremely depressed, experiencing chronic migraines, and spent an entire year using drugs to escape the inner hell she had unconsciously created. Natalie finally hit a breaking point, stopped using drugs, and started to face her own inner demons. Throughout her 20s, Natalie went on a deep dive into personal development, she read hundreds of self-help books, focused on implementing emotional and physical healing techniques, and began to master her own mindset, identity, and belief system.